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Do some damage off road or just create some chaos in the city with the BMF 820P Karnage wheel. Forged in the U.S.A., this gleaming polished chrome aluminum wheel has the longest, straightest rim lip anywhere for a look that will make everyone stop and stare. With the BMF Karnage, other wheels will be left in your wake.

Overshadow the ordinary and let BMF wheels take your 4X4 from average to BEAST. They're the perfect storm: Forged-wheel looks merged with cast-wheel technology and cost. A special machining process gives BMF custom rims a 3D look that will take your ride where it was always meant to be -- above the crowd.

BMF wheels require a leveling kit. All 10" and 10.5" BMF wheels require a suspension lift.

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15 (15x7) American Racing Maverick 5x114.3 +40mm Chrome Wheels Rims - Now available on eBay

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18 (18x8) American Racing AR890 5x127 +35mm Chrome Wheels Rims - Now available on eBay

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16 (16x9) Helo HE878 6x139.7 -12mm Chrome Wheels Rims - Now available on eBay

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17 (17x9) Helo Maxx 6x139.7 -12mm Chrome Wheels Rims - Now available on eBay

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FOUR 16 INCH AMERICA RACING AR-175 CHROME WHEELS RIMS SET 16x8 6x5.5 - Now available on eBay

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Set of 4 GWG Wheels 17 inch Chrome DRIFT Rims fits NISSAN ROGUE 2008 - 2016 - Now available on eBay

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Welcome to USA Rims!

In our store we specialize in presenting you with the best deals, the deepest discounts and the widest selection of custom wheel rims that you can find on the web today. Sounds good, Right?

Well, What the heck are you waiting for? Go ahead and start shopping to find all of hottest deals on all of the big names in custom rims.

You love your ride and work hard to keep it looking hot, but does it look just like the rest of the cars on the road?  You know how it is; You visit your local tire and rim dealer only to find the same old rims that you see driving up and down the street everyday.  While they're not terrible, they're just not unique.  You don't want to be like the everyone else, do you?  Most people who spend time on their cars want them to look cool and also to be 100% unique, but this won't be achieved by buying stock rims at a local auto parts shop.  You need custom rims, but not just any custom rims.  You need custom rims that display the latest trends in automotive design.

Among the hottest trends to today in custom rims is the use of not only chrome but also other alloys in the manufacture of custom rims.  With advances in technology in the past one or two decades, various types alloys can be used that previously would never have been used. One such metal that is used extensively today is heat tempered magnesium which produces a durable and attractive rim.  Even silver alloys have a place in the world of custom rims and their look is certainly worth the added expense.

With the introduction of CNC machines and advanced machining technologies, custom rim manufacturers have more flexibility than ever to produce highly attractive rims that feature designs that would previously not been possible.

Another hot trend is the use of flashy spinners that cause a sort of optical illusion to other cars passing on the road.  They're designed specifically to make people passing by take a “double take”.  These beautiful rims can take any ordinary car and turn it into a stunning work of automotive art.  Spinning jewelry, as they are called look good on various types of cars from sports cars to SUV's or even exotic cars and family sedans.

Another trend in custom rims includes plus size rims that will give your car a distinctive look.  Plenty of drivers choose to “upsize” their rims and tires not only for the dramatic look that it provides but also because of the improved handling.  Sometimes increasing the rim size too much though requires some modifications to make sure there's enough clearance to take on the extra size.  If you decide to go to a larger rim you will certainly get noticed!

When it comes to custom rims, the sky is the limit. If your budget can support it, you can do almost anything.  With advanced technology in both metal alloys and manufacturing processes, you can easily take a boring car and turn it into the talk of the town.  Of course all of this customization doesn't come cheap and you can easily drop several thousand dollars on a nice set of custom rims, but it's an investment that will pay off in having a vehicle that looks incredible.